January 1st, 2011

New Year's Morning

Spent the evening hanging out with Hippy IT Boy.

The last hour or so is a complete mystery.

But, there was this awesome text message on my phone this morning sent by Rome Girl at about midnight:

"My gays are lighting everything on fire. I love you more than life itself and that is the only thing you need to know."

After that my phone tells me I have 15 missed calls. But, because it's an old school phone I can't find out who they are from and since I'm obsessive about deleting sent messages I have no idea what text I sent to get Rome Girl to send me that text.

That said, I have a sense that all went well. Girls don't send you texts about fags and fire if you are being a drunken dick to them.

Of Note

It was warm enough to sit at outdoor cafes this afternoon.

I was at the Greyhound where roughly a third of the customers are North African Muslims, a third French and a third various expats.

I noticed that the Muslims were drinking coffee and looking a lot healthier than the rest of us who were nursing pints or gin and tonics.

It's like Allah rewards them on the first of the year by making them the only ones who don't look and feel like shit.