December 26th, 2010

Force Unleashed 2

Wow, overall so far a vast improvement over Force Unleashed.

The main thing is that in the original Force Unleashed your light sabers were essentially useless and you just had to rely on Force powers for pretty much everything.

Now, what they've done is made it so that a third of the enemies can be hurt by either Force powers or your light sabers, a third of the enemies can only be hurt by light sabers and a third of the enemies can only be hurt by Force powers.

It brings a balance to... the game.


The downside is that it's glitchy. I spent three hours yesterday trying to climb some towers only to discover online that they are easy to climb, but sometimes the game glitches and makes it impossible so you just have to exit the game and restart the level and then it's easy.

Not sure how that kind of glitch makes its way into a high end game like this, but there you go.

On the other hand the graphics are out of this world and the controls are much better than Force Unleashed.

I'm not a huge fan of the parts where you have to use dash to avoid obstacles instead of fighting, but people who like racing type games will probably like them and they are few and far between.


Man, "Life" by Keith Richards is awesome and sometimes unintentionally funny.

He's talking about the 75 U.S. tour and notes that he's in a car with Ron Wood and a tour manager in the deep south. The car is loaded with "coke, grass, peyote and mescaline" as well as something called "Tuinal."

What they've done is rip out the interior panels and filled them with like $10,000 worth of these drugs. He also has bags of cocaine sewn into his hat.

Best part ever: He notes that he felt safe doing this because "I didn't bring any heavy drugs with me."

Anyway, they decide to pull into a honky tonk for lunch but him and Ron end up spending 45 minutes in the bathroom doing coke instead of ordering any food or drinks which pisses off the bar owner who calls the cops.

So they are driving away from the town in this drug car, high as a kite and Keith is fiddling with a giant hunting knife and the cops pull them over and immediately arrest Keith on weapons charges for the huge knife.

At this point they are terrified the cops are going to pull the car apart and find enough drugs to put them away for life. But, they manage to get a hold of their lawyer who threatens to sue the township into bankruptcy if they touch the car before they get a judge to sign a warrant.

During this time Ronnie and Keith are flushing drugs down the police toilet (they manage to spill about 200 pills at one point and have to go into random stalls to pick them up.) All the while they are stoned out of their minds.

The problem is that the local cops can't find the town judge and the publicity people start putting stuff out about the arrest over the airwaves.

Over the next few hours a couple thousand Stones fans start surrounding town hall screaming "Free Keith" and the state police have shown up and it's a complete and total zoo. Then affiliates of national news programs arrive and suddenly there's like 5,000 people in this backwater town that usually has about 400 residents.

Eventually they find the judge who has been at friend's wedding and is drunk as a fucking skunk. He shows up, sees all these people around town hall and is like "What the fuck?"

So he looks around and at the evidence and tells Keith he really likes his knife. He then says if Keith will let him keep it and take a photo with him for the local paper he'll give him a fine and a police escort out of town.

Keith's like "Um, yeah, no problem."

So the cops drive them out of town - at which point Keith realizes the drug filled car is still in the police impound yard.

He notes that he never went back to get it and wonders if to this day there is car filled to the rim with pharmaceutical grade cocaine rusting away back there.

If the rest of the book is like this it's going to get my nomination for book of the year.