December 25th, 2010

Yay Christmas!

Loot from Rome Girl:

1. Black leather wallet

2. Force Unleashed 2

3. Life by Keith Richards

4. The Alias Box Set

And, let me just say after watching the first disk: If you've only seen the first season of Alias before from cheap Thailand bootleg DVDs on a 19 inch television (which was my experience up to now) and then you see those first episodes from real high quality DVDs on a 107 centimeter flat screen TV your reaction is "holy fuck I never realized how beautifully shot this show was before! Holy mother of god is it visually amazing!"

Force Unleashed 2 Question

Anyone out there who can explain to me how to manage the three platforms on the second level?

When I raise them up I can jump to the second platform, but no matter what I do my jump from the second to the third platform always fails.

Anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong? None of the walkthroughs available seem to see it as a problem they all sorta just say "jump from platform to platform" so I feel like there is something very basic I'm missing.