December 23rd, 2010


So that we'll have nice stuff to eat and drink on Christmas I just went to the nice expensive butcher and the nice expensive wine/booze shop.

There were roughly 30 people in line at both places.

At the butcher all the workers were men and I was the only male customer in line.

At the wine/booze shop all the workers were women and there was not a single female customer.



If you want evidence that we really tortured people way too fucking much at Gitmo this is it.

Apparently we drove some of the prisoners so insane that they were convinced that Jewish witches were casting spells on them.

One of the spells they believed were cast, I shit you not, conjured up a giant homosexual cat that tried to repeatedly rape them and only disappeared when they chanted certain select verses of the Koran.

Other spells they saw made birds talk and order them to urinate in their milk.

I don't know about you, but if I was a jailer and noticed that my prisoners were pissing in their milk and talking about giant feline rape, I think I'd get them out of a cell and into a hospital bed. I'd also rethink my detention tactics.

But, that's just me.

Cheerleader Rape High School Assholes

So, here's the deal, a high school girl is sexually assaulted by a school athlete.

He plea bargains down to a lesser charge that keeps him out of jail and in school. She's on the cheer leading squad and while she's willing to cheer for the entire team when it's just him on the court doing free throws she refuses to chant "Two, four, six, eight, ten, come on, Rakheem, put it in."

She explains to the school administration her reasoning and the school promptly kicks her off the squad.

Then lawyers get involved, things go ape shit and the entire thing is headed to the supreme court.

Given that team sports tend to promote rape cultural and group thinking and obedience (and are mostly just ways for young men to practice for war/play war without being in war) why should this surprise anyone?

The entire point of high school sports and cheer leading is to get people to dress alike and blindly obey an older, more experienced member of their own sex.

So, yes, that the athletic program wouldn't give a shit about her being raped. Of course not, because what matters to them is the good of the group and if he helps the group his other actions are by definition justified.

As to her being kicked off the squad? Again the point of cheer leading is to bond women together as sexual objects who do nothing but what they are told and resist individual choices and action.

That's the entire reason schools throw so much money into sports programs and less into textbooks, science labs, etc...

Actual academic learning teaches people to question authority which is not something a government run institution is ever going to be particularly in favor of.

Team sports and cheer leading teach men and people to do what authority figures tell them without question - something every government run institution in the world is in favor of.