December 22nd, 2010

Full Of Win

Thank you, Violet, for sending me this video.

The deal is they show a bunch of modern six and seven year olds technology from the 70s, 80s and 90s and ask them what they think it is.

The highlight is when they are convinced an 8 Track player is a bomb, but their reactions to floppy disks are also priceless.

Fetishize This!

You gotta love Psychology Today's list of toys not to by your kids because they could cause long term mental trauma.

The funniest one on the list is Tickle Me Elmo which they argue could kick start various fetishes. (I assume they mean furry and tickling fetishes, but who knows?)

They also say the Magic 8 Ball could cause Schizotypal Personality Disorder - which sounds scary as all shit.

The Game Of Life gets pissed on by them because it can imply that you'll end up in an unsatisfying life at an underpaid job. (Who knew that psychologists thought that reality could fuck up kids?)

Then there is the Etch-A-Sketch described as "a psychologically devastating reminder of the ubiquity of loss and the ephemeral nature of existence."

So, do you hate a member of your family? Do they have children you also hate! Now you have your gift giving guide!

Say It Ain't So, LiLo, Say It Ain't So!

Ok, as you can probably guess I'm about to call bullshit on the latest Lohan shit storm.

Here's the scoop. A worker at Betty Ford claims that when Lohan came back late from a hair salon she told her she'd have to take a breathalyzer. She says that at that point Lohan dialed 911. She says that because patients are not supposed to use the phones she was forced to wrestle the phone out of LiLo's hands and that Lohan then beat her up. Next, she claims Lohan called 911 to cover her ass.

The woman says she thinks Lohan should be charged with assault, but has not gone to the police. She did however sell a story about the incident to TMZ for $10,000.

Lohan says she came back late from the beauty parlor and the woman started going mental on her for being late, calling her a drunk and attacking her. She claims she then tried to call 911 because she was freaked out by the woman and wanted someone to come and protect her. She says the woman went ever more nuts when she tried to call 911. Because the woman kept screaming at her that she was drunk LiLo says she offered to take a breathalyzer but the woman wouldn't give her one. She also says that the surveillance cameras have everything on tape.

Betty Ford has said nothing - but they did fire the woman the next day and did not move Lohan back to the general population (where you go if you have violated the rules) and did let her stay in the halfway house.

So, my guess is the surveillance cameras back Lohan up.