December 21st, 2010

Family Christmas Shopping

My parents never let me know what they wanted for Christmas so I went with the old standby of getting them books I think they'll like since they all like to read but for some reason never buy books for themselves that are not related to work.

The downside was that Amazon told me if I wanted them wrapped and labeled they wouldn't arrive on time for Christmas so I'm just going to have to hope they can figure out which books are for whom.

For my dad (who can only read hardcovers since his stroke) I got him the Keith Richards autobiography and the new James Ellroy autobiography. He's a huge Stones fan, really liked American Tabloid and worships non-fiction in general.

For my mom, she's way into both feminism and environmentalism so I got her Atwood's Oryx and Crake and The Year Of The Flood.

For my brother who is in law school and wants to do criminal law when he passes the bar I got him the Vincent Bugliosi books on how he would have prosecuted Oswald and George W. Bush.

I think the distinctions in style are such that each family member can figure out which book is for whom, but who the fuck knows, since people, in general, are weird.

It would be interesting if my mom ends up reading about how James Ellroy used to bang hookers left and right, while my dad reads about the JFK hit and Shane soaks up post apocalyptic feminist literature.

Writer's Block: It's a wonderful life!

What's your favorite holiday TV special or movie, and why?

Heat Miser for the win!


P.S. I've never, ever understood why everyone loves It's A Wonderful Life. It's a meandering piece of shit. And, here's the thing - if you are a banker and you give the entire bank's deposits to your drunk uncle and he loses it then maybe your bank should go under, because, you know, you really aren't running it particularly well.

Fuck, I would much rather trust Potter with my money than weirdo George Bailey.

Then, again I also hate that "You'll shoot your eye out, kid" movie. God, the little kid in it is annoying and the leg lamp thing is ridiculous and it's just like an extended sit com where the dad is an idiot and mom is all knowing and kids are all good at heart.

Just thinking about it makes me want to have Bad Santa on a continuous loop.

Bloody Bidding War


Weirdest eBay auction I've seen in a while.

Apparently O.B. recently discontinued their "Ultra" brand of tampons.

It seems that there are many women who are loyal to this brand.

So, someone has put four boxes of them up on eBay.

As I write this 27 people have bid on it and the price is at $127.50.

Maybe they shouldn't have discontinued this brand?

Also, can any of the female readers of this blog tell me why it would be worth that much money for some of the last available boxes of Ultras?