December 20th, 2010


Happy Birthday Rome Girl!

You are worth every single chocolate martini, apple pie martini and piece of sushi I got you last night.

Though, I'm not convinced your stomach will agree when you wake up!


P.S. For anyone still last minute Christmas shopping, Rome Girl's book about how she became Rome Girl and eventually my girlfriend is funny, romantic and full of tales of her being the best fag hag possible for her Gay Mafia in Rome.

Life Is Weird

You know that your life is strange when this is a perfectly legitimate email for you to send to your boss.

(Client name)

I'm glad you liked the titties.

I'll do the slutty women later today.

I have to slog through some other deadline documents first. I want to wait on the sluts until I can give them my full undivided attention.


Secret Santa?

A British clinic is marketing Essure a sterilization procedure for women in a new way.

Their pitch - you can get it done on your lunch break and your husband or boyfriend will never know you had it done.

Man, that brings up some ethical issues, doesn't it?

I mean, her body, her choice. But, on the other hand it's deceiving your husband about something that could effect his life as well as yours.

But, some men sorta deserve to be deceived. I mean if there was a dude who really didn't want kids but was so religious that he believed that if he or his partner did anything to prevent that he'd go to hell, it might be nice to just get it done and not let him know, so he doesn't have to feel guilty.

Or, if he's abusive and wants to turn you into a baby factory and you don't have the means to leave him, he might have it coming as well.

And, the final thing is that it is her body.

But that's just my opinion and opinions are like assholes, everyone's got them.

So, what do you think?

Poll #1658760 No Babies

Secret Sterilizations - Fine Or Not

Fine. It's her body, her choice and her business alone.
Not fine. Your partner should be aware of your decision.
Fine if the woman is in an abusive relationshhip, otherwise not fine.
Fine if her husband would only be agaisnt it for relgious reasons.
A sign the woman should not be in that relationship