December 16th, 2010

Deep Thoughts

Dear PETA,

The message I get from your newest ad showing Duff McKagen and his nude wife isn't: "Wow, I should be kind to animals."


The message I get is that you can be old and not particularly good looking and still bang young supermodels as long as you were one of the original members of Guns N Roses.




What's Your Blog's Reading Level?

As Gawker points out today, you can now use Google Advanced Search to find out the reading level of your blog.

You simply go to Advanced Search, then use the drop down menu to select "annotate results with reading levels."

Then, under "all these words" enter the word "site" plus a colon plus your URL.

For example, I had to enter "Site:"

Then it will break down what percentage of your blog is at "basic", "intermediate" and "advanced" reading levels.

My score:

Basic: 75 percent

Intermediate: 23 percent

Advanced: 1 percent.

What results does your blog produce?