December 15th, 2010

Ladies, Help Me Out With This One

I'm very confused.

UBS, a large Swiss bank just issued a very long and detailed dress code.

Most of it makes sense, but this one completely baffles me: "Women should not wear new shoes."

Umm... why not?

On what planet does that make any sense?

Is this some rule I've never heard of?

How often do you think you have to wear your shoes before they are not-new enough to wear to the office?

Time's Man Of The Year





Maybe four years ago that would have been appropriate but Man Of The Year 2010?


Here's some suggestions for what would have been interesting choices for (Person) Of The Year:

The Tea Party (Don't laugh, they've picked groups of people before.)

Palin. (This doesn't mean I like Palin, but she defined 2010 a lot more than Zuckerberg did.)

Ayn Rand (See what I said about Palin.)

Angry America (See my Tea Party explanation.)