December 14th, 2010

Vaginal Art

A female artist is in the process of making The Great Wall Of Vagina.

She gets volunteers to let her take plaster casts of their hoo-hoos and then lines them up and makes bronze models of them.

She's taken casts of 350 women but needs more. Her point is to show how different all vaginas are and to let women know that there is no "right" or "wrong" way for pussy to look.

Here's part of her explanation:

"The sculpture comments on the trend for surgery to create the 'perfect' vagina. This modern day equivalent of female genital mutilation is a bizarre practice which suggests that one is better than another. Taste in nothing is universal and any desire for 'homogyny' could be very misguided. 360 casts arranged in this manner is in no way pornographic, as it might have been if photographs had been used. One is able to stare without shame but in wonder and amazement at this exposé of human variety....

... Already included are examples of male to female and a female to male transsexuals, a virgin, a porn star and some women with some elaborate piercings. Ages so far range from 18 year old students to a grandmother of 76. I really want to include as many possibilities as I can and am actively seeking a victim of female genital mutilation who would like to be included. The more inclusive and complete I can be in this survey the more power this sculpture will have. Please come forward to volunteer and spread the word to anybody else who you think would be interested, particularly if they represent somebody on my 'wanted' list."

Stop Giving Obama Shit

Dear Democratic Congressmen And Other Left Wing People Who Are Bitching About Obama Making A Compromise With The GOP,

Stop it! Stop it now! Look, I'm no Obama zombie. I wanted Hillary to win because I thought she'd have more balls in office than Obama. If Obama was acting like a total asshole I'd be the first to be like "I told you so."

But, he's not.

Here's what he did. He let the GOP keep their tax freeze for the superwealthy - which will not effect 99 percent of the population in any way shape or form. So, a few rich assholes get to have more money in their pocket - so fucking what????

How does that effect the lives of you or anyone you know?

Here's what he also did. He got unemployment benefits extended for 1.78 million people who otherwise would have stopped getting checks this week. Without those checks they would have had several shitty choices:

1. Go hungry

2. Go hungry and get evicted

3. Turn to a life of crime

I tell you what. I am 100 percent OK with letting a few rich dicks keep a tax break if it keeps food on the table for 1.78 million fucking people.

Also, this is what Machiavelli or Sun Tzu would have done. You always let your enemy in any negotiation leave the table feeling like they've won - even if you are the real winner here, which is the case.

Here's the only two ways these tax freezes for the rich can play out:

1. The GOP is by some miracle right and they help the economy. Guess what - when the economy gets better, people don't ever give congress credit for it. They always give credit to the president.

2. It does jack shit to help the economy. Fine. Obama gets to run a kabillion campaign commercials with clips of GOP people saying it would help the economy. So, he gets to switch the blame for the economic plight to GOP congressmen.

Either way Obama wins - and 1.78 million people get to eat dinner and keep a roof over their heads.

So, back the fuck off!



Overheard In The UK

"Hey, Roman, how are you doing?"

"Great, you?"

"Fine. Just a little problem here. I need bail money. Can you help a brother out?"

"Sure, let me know where to wire it."

"Great, thanks! See you in Paris."

"No problem. Been there. Done that."