December 13th, 2010

The Biggest Dick

Poll #1656325 Which Of These Fictional Characters Is The Biggest Dick?

Which Of These Fictional Characters Is The Biggest Dick?

That Lying Bastard Obi-Wan
Useless Aslan
Drunken Cylon Tigh
Self Absorbed Anakin

Oh, For Fucks Sake

Jesus H. Christ but this article really pisses me off.

For those of you who are linkphobic the deal is that salons are now doing Brazilian waxes for girls as young as eight years old.

The theory behind this is, I shit you not, that if you start them waxing that young these girls will permanently lose the ability to grow pubic hair and thus you'll be saving them lots of money over the course of their lifetimes.

Because, yeah, you have some idea at all whether your child will or will not want pubes when they are adults.

And, yeah, this isn't a fucking evil way to fucking sexualize children, send young girls really, really bad messages about beauty standards and cause permanent damage to their bodies.

Would you get a tattoo for an eight year old? If not, why would you do anything else that will effect the way they will look for the rest of their natural lives.

Beyond that do you really want to have your eight your old daughter think that the physical manifestations of sexual maturity are bad things that need to be removed?

Mothers who do this to their daughters should be fucking shot.