December 11th, 2010


We got the giant TV set up last night and because we wanted to put it through it's paces we got the most visually stunning DVD we could find - Avatar.

Now, we finally understand why people bitched about this movie.

You see, when we saw it, the film was dubbed into French. This means that Rome Girl just looked at the images and didn't understand the dialog at all.

I understood the dialog but know that when films are dubbed into French they always dumb down the dialog and mistranslates things, so I just assumed that the weird, stunted sentences were translation fuck ups.

But, seeing it in English - wow, the thing was written by drunk monkeys.

It's still beautiful, however, to look at.

P.S. Today I'll see what the TV is like for Xbox. Does anyone know if you have to recalibrate your system for HDTV? I seem to remember that the first couple Guitar Hero games had notes saying something like "you may need to calibrate your system if you have a new television." Anyone know what's up with that and if it's a hard thing to do?