December 9th, 2010

Think Before You Email

I've said some dumb things in emails but never anything quite this dumb.

It seems that the State of California ran out of the drugs they need to execute prisoners with.

So, they looked around for more and lo and behold Arizona had some extra poison kicking around and agreed to send it to California so they could keep snuffing people out.

This is what the California corrections official wrote to his counterpart in Arizona after he heard the news: "You guys in AZ are life savers."



So, we've ordered the new television.

It's a 106 centimeter LG LCD monster.

It will be, by far, the biggest and nicest television either of us has ever owned.

One thing, however, concerns us. After we ordered it online from FNAC they sent us an email saying it is going to be delivered by ChronoPost (the French equivalent of FedEx.)

We had assumed there would be deliverymen. The problem is that we live on the third floor of a building without an elevator and neither of us think that we can carry a 76 pound very fragile object up the winding staircase safely.

Of course, we've never gotten an object of this size from ChronoPost, so it's possible the ChronoPost guys will carry it up the stairs, but also possible they won't - in which case I have no fucking clue what we will do.

Why You Should Be Honest With Your Dating Ad

A Gawker commentator has a wonderful online dating disaster story.

"I had a gay friend who responded to an advertisement on a gay website.

The other guy sounded perfect to him: he was just a few years younger, a few inches taller, with a better build and the same interests.

Then he realized that he was responding to his own advertisement--one he had posted months ago and had forgotten about!"


It's the "few inches taller" that gets me.