December 8th, 2010


Imagine having a fetish that even prostitutes refuse to help you out with.

The deal is the guy has a skin condition that causes scabs to form on his head.

His ultimate fantasy is to have girls pick the scabs while he masturbates.

Every hooker he's contacted about this has told him to fuck off as has every girl he's dated.

Can you imagine how much it would suck to have a deep need for something that everyone you've ever talked to in the entire world has been like "no fucking way, asshole" about?

P.S. Am I the only one who hopes the letter writer is Donald Trump or Mike Bloomberg?

Sad But True

On the way back from paying extortion money an insanely high electric bill, I stopped into the local Cash Converters.

For those of you not living in France, Cash Converters is a large chain of nationwide pawn shops that essentially will buy and sell anything. On any given day you never know what will be there. Maybe a ton of children's toys and a shit ton of cell phones. Sometimes washing machines and refrigerators. It doesn't really matter. If an object has value they will buy it and try to sell it.

Anyway, when I was in there I saw that they are selling a guitar signed by Kirk Hammett. Really. I asked the guy about it and he showed me a certificate of authenticity for the signature.

God, that makes me want to cry.

All I can picture is some guy who really loves Metallica who did everything in his power until he could get his guitar signed. It was probably his prize possession.

I wonder what happened in his life to get him to the point where he had to bring it to a pawn shop? How must he have felt when he was walking there with it in its case, knowing that something that he'd worked hard for was going to be gone from his life ?

I wonder if he stops into Cash Converters every so often just to look at it.

I think I would if I was him, even if it broke my heart.

All I know is that I wish I was wealthy.

If I was I'd buy the thing and get Cash Converters to tell me who sold it to them. Then, I'd knock on his door and give it back.

Merry Fucking Christmas

The Bloodshed Begins

4Chan takes out MasterCard as part of Operation Avenge Assange.

"the BBC has been contacted by a payment firm that said its customers had "a complete loss of service".

In particular, it said that an authentication service for online payments known as Mastercard's SecureCode, had been disrupted.

Other readers have also said that have had problems with online payments. The scale of the problems is still unclear."


Man, this could get ugly quickly. Remember, Amazon is the company that originally hosted and then dropped WikiLeaks. Imagine if Amazon gets taken down this close to Christmas?