December 2nd, 2010

Things You Never Want To Really Think About

They've discovered a gene that makes people want to have one night stands and cheat on their partners.

Which, pretty much means that if you are cheating on your dude or really love random sexytimes, your parents do too!

theadulteress may never look at her mom the same way again.

Also, it probably means that if you are cheating on your husband and your lover asks "Who's your daddy" you can't really be sure of giving the correct answer.

Note To Fellow Perves

I know she's 18 now but it's really, really unclear if the nude photo of Miley Cyrus that leaked this morning was taken before or after her 18th birthday, so I'd be really, really fucking wary of clicking on links to it, downloading it or posting it to your blogs.

Yes, it's an awesome photo. Yes, I'm convinced it's her. But I only looked at it myself because I'm in France where the girls just have to be 16.

In America if she isn't clearly 18 you could be in a world of shit.

People Are Afraid To Merge In Los Angeles

So I decided to go through the Parents Against Bad Books In Schools site to see what their specific objections to certain books are.

By far my favorite is their description of Less Than Zero:

"According to back cover book is about spoiled children of LA with “sex and drugs… world devoid of feeling and hope.. parties, seedy rock clubs.. seamy underworld of drug dealing and prostitution.” The book is filled with controversial material. Profanity [approx 55 uses of fuck, approx 26 uses of shit, etc.]; nearly every other page involves drug use, drinking, drunk/high driving, binge drinking…. Coke/Lines/Blow [over 30 times], Marijuana/Joints [18 times]. Other drugs/drug terms in book include needles/syringes/shooting up, heroin, brown powder, smack, O.D., thorazine, tranks, librium, meth, Desoxyn, preludin, trackmarks, mainline, acid, freebase, nembutal, quaalude, pills, lude, stoned, gram, dealer. Explicit sexual material including homosexual/bi-sexual, snuff/sex torture film, child sex slave being kept high on drugs, and homosexual prostitution. Most drug use in book is not excerpted below since so extensive. The book all takes place in 18-year old C’s break between college semesters, at home in LA. Starts with “girlfriend” picking up C at airport. C has told his girlfriend he is not interested in her any longer and it is unclear if she knows he is bisexual."

UPDATE: Rome Girl has made her own list of amusing things that this group finds offensive in various books.

It's hysterical.