December 1st, 2010


The day after I gave my Dad and Rome Girl my Christmas wish list they announce that you can buy Lee Harvey Oswald's coffin.

If only I'd fucking known about this sooner!

P.S. Rome Girl says I can't buy it as a conversation piece because we never have people over.

She's missing the point that the reason I never have people over is because I don't own Lee Harvey Oswald's coffin.

Better Business Bureau Scam

Think you can trust the Better Business Bureau?

You might want to think twice after you look at this 20/20 interview where people are able to pay the BBB money to improve their ratings and told that if they don't pay they'll get their rating trashed.

Some of the companies that refused to pay (and were suddenly given F ratings) include Wolfgang Puck, Walt Disney World and The Ritz Carlton.

Hamas, on the other hand, was able to buy an A rating for about $400.


The books that Parent's Against Bad Books In Schools wants banned is truly horrifying.

Alice Walker, Truman Capote, Bret Easton Ellis, Toni Morrison, J.D. Salinger, Judy Blume and Umberto Eco all made the list.

(To be fair, I can't really argue with banning Sallinger. Doing so would greatly reduce the number of young douchebags in the world.)