November 29th, 2010

Latest Wikileaks

So, the latest Wikileaks boils down to the fact that Arab leaders would have no problem with us bombing the shit out of Iran.

Since Iranians are Persian and Arabs and Persians have hated each other since the dawn of time this does not exactly surprise me.

What's interesting is that the Arab leaders don't want to say this in public, because they figure that it would make them look too pro-American.

But, now it's out there and even if they don't let their local newspapers report it, the information is being transmitted all over Twitter and Facebook in the Arab world, so word will get out.

It will be interesting to see how that plays out.

For Metallica Fans

One of the original demos Metallica did when they were looking for a record company back in 82 has leaked online.

It's a Diamond Head cover with Mustaine and McGovney still in the band.

The sound quality sucks, but it's an interesting piece of rock and roll history anyway.

Boardwalk Empire

An entire episode of nothing but fucked up shit happening.

While I know the fucked up thing with the federal agent is the most fucked up, the thing with Jimmy's wife bothers me more emotionally.

The fucked up thing with Jimmy's mom is just creepy.