November 28th, 2010

Flame Me If You Must

For a client I have to write a one page blog post about JFK. Doing so returns me to my perpetual state of wonder at how fucking revered this guy is.

I know that as a Democrat and a liberal I'm supposed to think that Jack is some kind of demigod, but really this it the guy that:

1. Couldn't figure out that an invasion of Cuba would have a greater chance of success if we provided it with air cover. And, didn't have the balls to tell the CIA he wouldn't give them the air cover until the invasion was already underway.

2. Got elected because his mobbed up father convinced the Chicago mob to give him Illinois - and then let his brother waste most of our federal law enforcement resources trying to put the mob in jail.

3. More likely than not had Marilyn Monroe killed.

4. Sent tons of "advisers" into Vietnam

5. Accepted the Pulitzer Prize for a book he'd had ghostwritten.

6. Almost got us all nuked.

7. Made Bill Clinton look like a faithful virgin.


If JFK were elected today he'd have been impeached before he finished his first term.