November 27th, 2010

Time Suck

If you want to be amused and kill a ridiculous amount of time, Dear Blank may be for you.

It's a site that allows you to type in and post short satirical messages, as long as they begin with "dear" and end with "sincerely." People then get to vote on whether or not yours is "douche", "hilarious", "I like this" or "how dare they."

I think my favorite is:

"Dear Little Girls,

I'm just preparing you for life.

Sincerely, The Easy Bake Oven."


"Dear Buffy,

We have a new assignment for you. His name is Edward.

Sincerly, K."

is pretty good as well.

Deathly Hallows Part 1

At the local theater Rome Girl and I had to choose between seeing it in French in 3d or in English in 2d. We chose English, so any observations I make may vary from the 3d experience.

Ignore previous intro because it was based on my misunderstanding that the second part of this will be in 3D not the first part. Damn me for trusting the poster outside the theater.

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This Wacky World

Spanish woman says she owns the sun.

"Duran, who lives in the town of Salvaterra do Mino, said she now wants to slap a fee on everyone who uses the sun and give half of the proceeds to the Spanish government and 20 percent to the nation's pension fund.

She would dedicate another 10 percent to research, another 10 percent to ending world hunger -- and would keep the remaining 10 percent herself.

"It is time to start doing things the right way, if there is an idea for how to generate income and improve the economy and people's well-being, why not do it?" she asked."