November 25th, 2010

So Confused

It's been fairly obvious for a while now that one of my neighbor girls has been fucking two different guys.

Last night around 4 a.m. the two guys got into a massive fight. It started after one of the guys buzzed to be let up around that time and then was surprised to discover she had the other guy over.

The fight began in the apartment, then moved into the stairway, then outside and then back into the stairwell again before moving back to the street at which point both dudes took off.

I have some questions here:

1. If you are a girl dating two different guys, why would you buzz one up to your apartment at 4 a.m. when you have the other guy in your bed?

2. If you somehow tiredly accidentally buzzed him into the building, why would you open the door when he knocked?

3. Who turns up to see a girl they are fucking at 4 a.m. if they haven't been booty called?

4. If you can hear both dudes still fighting in the street, why would you buzz the door open again when one of them buzzed. Wouldn't you rather them fight in the street than in your stairwell when all of your neighbors can hear them arguing about what a "salope" you are?

5. Why did both guys end up just leaving? Shouldn't one have gone back up to get a post fight victory fuck?

The mind boggles.