November 24th, 2010

Things That Are True That Shouldn't Be

1. When hitting on a girl in a bar you can score some points by complimenting some part of her appearance except for her eyes (she'll think you are a creep) or her shoes (she'll think you are gay.)

2. The same medications that makes it possible for you to beat depression and anxiety so that your chances of getting laid increase, also tend to make your ability to perform decrease.

3. The better a drink tastes, the worse it will make you feel in the morning.

4. When it comes to any potential sex partner or sexual practice, the worse of an idea that it is, the more it will turn you on.

5. The longer you deadline is for any writing project, the longer it will take the work to get done. If you have eight hours to write 20 pages they will be written in four hours. If you have five days to write five pages it will take you five eight hours days to write them.

6. The better a television show is, the worse it's season finale will be. This also applies to the collected works of Stephen King.

7. Despite her anti masturbation stance, it's remarkably fun to masturbate about Christine O'Donnell.

8. Women tend to be very critical about their own bodies, but will seemingly ignore any physical flaw, including being completely out of shape, in potential male partners. In some cases, the uglier the guy is, the more they want him.

9. Evolution has somehow made us only want foods that are unhealthy.

10. War is the worst thing that can happen to a country, but the best thing that can happen to a sitting president.

I Don't Get It

iTunes has sold 450,000 Beatles albums and 2 million Beatles singles in their first week of being available.

Who the fuck are these Beatles fans who had not already bought the CDs in their various formats and downloaded them to their MP3 players?

Seriously, if you are enough of a Beatles fan where you have to go on iTunes the first week Beatles songs are available there, wouldn't you already own the music on various formats that are easily transferable to an iPod?

And, even if you didn't, why would you buy them electronically on iTunes when Amazon has the actual CDs themselves priced more cheaply than iTunes is pricing the digital versions?

It boggles my mind.


Dear Members Of Dick Flash,

While I'm generally in favor of nearly any type of fetish community on the web, I still think that spending your days talking online about how to flash women and get away with it and how to ejaculate on women without them noticing until you are long gone it is pretty shitty.

I also think it's a dick move to trade tips like "don't flash middle class white women or you'll get caught, stick to black women and Asian women."

So, in general, fuck off and die.




While reading the Jezebel story about Dick Flash I noticed that a lot of commentators said they had been flashed.

It makes me wonder how common flashing is.

And, when I wonder, I poll.

So, ladies let the truth hang out!

Poll #1648713 Flash 1

Have You Ever Been Flashed?

Yes, but I think it was accidental.
I am male and just want to see the results

How Did It Make You Feel?

It made me laugh
I didn't give a shit
It turned me on
I am male and just wanted to see the results