November 21st, 2010

That Crazy Pope

The pope says it's fine for male prostitutes to use condoms.

The reasoning being that the church is only against condoms when they are used as a form of contraception, which in male on male sex is not an issue.

Of course, this completely ignores the fact that male prostitutes might be hired by women for MMF threesome situations or because girls might want to hire cougar bait from time to time.

Also, I'm not really sure how many gay male prostitutes are really following the church's teachings all that closely.

Writer's Block: One day

How do you feel when a favorite band breaks up? Do you still follow the original band members in their new projects?

I tell my record company I'm working on a new album and then lock myself in my house until I emerge 15 years later to tour with a cover band and hope nobody notices the difference.


Just went to order Rome Girl a Kindle for Christmas.

Then Amazon told me they can't ship it until at least Jan. 12!

Oh, well, I told her about it, just to ask if she wanted me to cancel and come up with another idea and she's still thrilled she's going to get one.

But, seriously, it's not even Thanksgiving yet and already the fuckers are out of stock?

Very, very poor planning on Amazon's part.