November 18th, 2010

My Disgust Knows No Bounds

Ok. This is the most horrible thing I have ever seen on the Internet.

The deal is a married couple can not decide whether they want to have a child or whether the wife should get an abortion.

So, they've put it up to a vote on the Internet.


Look, asswipes, if you are so indecisive about whether to have the baby or not that you are going to let random strangers make the decision for you you are not fucking ready to have a child.

It's that simple.

Imagine if you keep it and years from now your child finds a cached copy of this page and knows that you let other people decide this for you.

God these are horrible, horrible people.

God Bless You

A thread on another blog reminded me of the time a few years ago when I ended up on a sneeze fetish forum for work reasons.

While there I stumbled upon one of the most bizarre all out flame wars of all time.

Some dude had posted that when out on a first date he'd wait until the girl went to the bathroom and then put extra pepper on her food, hoping that when she came back it would make her sneeze.

People then started flaming him saying this was a form of date rape.

Predictably other sneeze fetishists then came back and said that they thought it was harmless and discussed all sort of other ways they'd tricked dates into sneezing.

Then other people said they were shocked there were so many "sex offenders" in the Sneeze Fetish community.

This went on for about 40 pages of posts with no resolution.

What do you think?

Poll #1645943 Pepper

Is Peppering Your Partner Date Rape?

Yes. There is no informed consent.
No. But it's shitty.
No. It's harmless.
Are you fucking kidding me?