November 14th, 2010

Rant Update

We got one of my friends who is Belgian and loves to yell at French companies and officials to contact our Internet service provider on Saturday.

He's one of these guys who keeps lists of government agencies and consumer groups that can fuck companies up the ass at his disposal at all times. He got hung up on several times, but after several phone calls and some very strong language and not so veiled legal threats the company agreed to send out a tech Monday afternoon.

Hopefully whomever comes out will be able to fix things on Monday, but I'm not counting my chickens before their hatched. I suspect that if the problem is that the router shorted out the line when it broke that we'll have to wait a bit longer to get someone to come in and redo them - particularly since our phone and electric lines appear to be about 50 years old.

P.S. I love his explanation on Facebook of how he handled it:

"I only very kindly asked people at the technical support that they sort the matter out straight away. During the third call (they hung up on me twice), I even proposed to provide recordings of our conversations (my dictaphone was turned on)... and to inform the Fraud Department and consumer associations. But then an engineer suddenly became free to come on Monday, free of charge too. How nice of them. (Rome Girl), I'll be in a meeting Monday pm, but call me anyway and let me talk to this kind engineer if he doesn't find a solution. (Make sure you note his ID or name)."