November 12th, 2010

Let's Act Like 12 Year Olds

Remember back in 8th grade when your album covers or lyrics liners taught you that some numbers meant stuff that was funny and/or would piss off your parents?

Well, let's go back to that lovely land! Tell me, which of the numbers that made you giggle when you were 12 still amuses you today?

Poll #1643701 What Number Amuses You The Most?

What's Your Number?

Other that I will explain



So, last Saturday while trying to rearrange furniture in the house, Rome Girl somehow managed to kill our Internet connection. She called them that night, described the problem and they told her she'd fucked the router and would mail us a new one.

The new one finally arrived this afternoon and when she plugged it in it still didn't work. So, she called up and THE TECH ACTUALLY LAUGHED AT HER AND MADE FUN OF HER FRENCH ON THE PHONE!

Plus, while their website promises they can send a tech out in two hours notice to any location in central Montpellier, the tech told her that all the techs are booked in advance and can't come out to our apartment to figure out what the problem is until Nov. 22.

I'm at the bar working - Rome Girl stayed home to wait for the UPS guy to arrive.

She just called me to tell me this story and was sobbing. She's convinced I'm going to yell at her which I'm not. I would like to yell at Free, but since I'm not one of their customers they won't even talk to me (no way for me to convince them my name is "Christine.")

I'm stuck here for work reasons, though I'm pretty sure Rome Girl doesn't want me home right now because she likes to be alone when she's in full frontal freak out.