November 11th, 2010

Deep Thoughts

When I was little my grandfather put a bumper sticker on his van that read "Religions Cause Trouble."

That van was always dented because people would "accidentally" ram their shopping carts into it when it was in the parking lot of the grocery store or wherever he was shopping that given day.

Every time I'd be with him and we'd come back to the van and there would be a new dent, he would laugh.

I think he liked that the world was proving him right.

Pedo Bear

Ok, so some dude self published a guide to pedophilia and Amazon was selling it as a Kindle download.

In fact, yesterday it was the 65th most popular download for the Kindle!

Of course, this was after Anderson Cooper, Gawker, Jezebel, Drudge, HuPo et al did stories about it.

Before that the dude had only sold one copy of it.

So, you know, good job journalists at making this dude wealthy while boosting your page views/ratings.

What surprises me is that Amazon has now pulled the book from their store.

I mean, this is company that sells enriched uranium and guides to drinking your own urine so honestly if some dude wants to write about sick shit and people want to read it why not?

Do you really think that someone who wants to rape kids won't do it until they read Molestation For Dummies?

This Weird World

Dick Van Dyke's life was saved by a group of wild porpoises the other day.


He went to the beach and fell asleep on his surfboard. When he woke up he was way too far out to sea to either swim or paddle back.

But, then the school of porpoises found him and pushed him and his board back to shore.

You can't make this shit up.