November 9th, 2010

Deep Thoughts

Do you think that every time Diana Ross hears the Phil Collins cover version of "You Can't Hurry Love" she cries or simply goes into a homicidal rage?


This morning there are posters put up by the local anarchists association all over town.

They claim they are going to have a mass rally/strike in the Place de la Comedie on Saturday to demand free contraception and abortions as a human right.

I'm trying to figure out what the biggest piece of irony is here.

Anarchists demanding something from the government when they don't believe in the concept of government?

Anarchists forming an association in the first place?

Anarchists creating an organized event?

I mean, don't get me wrong. They are well intentioned and this is one strike I'll probably go to and cheer on, but there is a "this does not compute" factor involved here.

Love Shack

You got to love a man with a vision.

The deal is he wants to start a chain of hotels around the world where people can stay for free.

The catch? All of the rooms will have video cameras hooked up and running 24/7 and you have to give the hotel the rights to tape you having sex, and they'll make money selling access to the videos online.

I see a few problems with this plan:

1. People pay to watch amateur porn on the Internet? Why? There are millions of exhibitionists who put stuff up on Red Tube for free.

2. How much time and energy and human resources will be put into this. Seriously, most time spent in a hotel room is spent not having sex. You are going to have to have tons and tons of drones sitting there watching monitors when nothing is happening just waiting for fucking to happen. That's a lot of manpower for a very small amount of decent tape.

3. What do you think the percentage of people you'd want to see fucking will be versus the "never in a million years do I want to see these people naked" factor?

4. How quickly will people start to prank this? Seriously if one of these opens near me, I'm finding a willing partner and renting the weirdest halloween costumes I can find. Maybe I'll dress head to toe as Chewbacca and and do some girl wearing a Hello Kitty costume.

5. Escorts who want to break into porn will completely abuse this system. Not that that's a bad thing.