November 6th, 2010

The Fifth Of November

As we do every Nov. 5 Rome Girl and I kicked back and watched V For Vendetta. Along with showing her Buffy this is all part of my evil plan to turn Rome Girl from cool girl to geek diva. One day, she too will hate George Lucas with the fire of a thousand Tatooine suns.

Anyway it's interesting viewing V For Vendetta and Watchmen (which I make her watch every so often) because she' so not a fan girl. And, really, it's difficult to find someone willing to watch these things who isn't a comic book fan or Alan Moore groupie. What makes it fun is that she watches them just as movies without all of the baggage and memories that the rest of us bring to them.

We ended up talking after the movie last night and she said she thinks that V is much, much better film than Watchmen. Of course, that's hard for me to see, because I see the huge story arch that is Watchmen and am overwhelmed by the sheer epic scale of Watchmen.

"But, it's full of soap opera that's forced," Rome Girl said. "Both films in many ways make the same arguments but V just gets on with it's story and moves forward."

And, looking objectively it's hard to argue with that. Watchmen is sorta scattered and filled with stuff that meanders from Adrian's grand plan. There are romance parts that don't quite fit and not all of the characters are as interesting as they probably should be. (And in many ways Adrian and Rorschach are simply V broken out into two separate characters.)

At the end of the day Laurie is sorta boring. She needs to be there because the subplot of the Comedian and her mother are essential, but Laurie herself is poorly used.

Meanwhile in V every character is developed exactly as much as they need to be and there is a much clearer straight line from the opening scene of the film to the closing scene.

Anyway, nothing profound here, just some musings on Nov. 6 while I take a break from DJ Hero 2.

Happy Saturday!

Deep Thoughts

Rome Girl has decided to rearrange the book shelves in our apartment.

This involves taking a lot of books off the shelves themselves.

In the midst of this I noticed my cat, Squirt, staring intently at the three Larson books.

It makes me wonder if she wants to write her own series.

1. "The Cat With The Calico Fur" (original pre-translation title "Humans Who Hate Cats.")

2. "The Cat Who Played With String."

3. "The Cat Who Broke The Vodka Glass."

The entire series would be about how certain types of mammals without opposable thumbs are treated as second class citizens, denied fair access to tuna and forcibly sterilized by a cruel sect of mammal overlords who claim to simply be protecting them.