October 31st, 2010

Writer's Block: The witching hour

Do you celebrate Halloween? What do you like most and least about this holiday?

Dear LJ,

We are so tired of these loaded questions from the patriarchy!

Wiccans are not evil! We don't worship Satan! What is wrong with you fucking people!

And, clearly this question is also intended as a slur against the trans community! Do you have no sense of shame at all?

Look, if a woman wants to practice witchcraft in a cemetery she can still keep her legs closed and it doesn't mean she's worshiping The Benevolent Ruler Of Hades Satan.

Leave Samhain alone!

We are normal people who are going to spend a nice normal evening in Haddonfield tonight chasing ladybugs and encouraging virginity.


Michael M.

Jason V.

Sarah P.


John and Amanda, you two are not invited!

Finishing Guitar Hero Wariors Of Rock

So, I finally just got to the point where I just didn't care enough about the last 20 percent of the songs to actually deal with them on Hard or Expert so I just dialed it down to Medium to blast through them and see how the game ends.

Some thoughts:

1. Why does Dave Mustaine have a career? He writes the most boring metal ever. He makes Dee Snyder look like an artistic genius.

2. Who knew it was possible to pack this much boring metal into one game. I'm a metal fan, but nearly all the mental selections on here are just awful.

3. That said the live track with Metallica and Ozzy doing "Paranoid" was both wonderful to listen to and fun to play.

4. "Rocking In The Free World" is the most fun song on the disk to play.

5. "Unskinny Bop." Really?

6. Arbitrarily changing the amount of stars you can get from five to some random higher number does not make the game more fun to play. It just makes the whole star system meaningless.

7. "Cherry Bomb!" Yes!