October 29th, 2010


Man, this is a weird campaign season.

Last night Gawker published a story by a guy who hooked up with Christine O'Donnell three years ago.

(There are pictures so it's pretty clear it's a true story. Plus, O'Donnell's response doesn't deny it, it just says that it was in poor taste for the dude to kiss and tell.)

The deal is that the dude was renting an apartment from O'Donnell's aunt and she saw him moving in and thought he was cute. So, on Halloween she turns up at his door in a lady bug costume and talks him into going out to a bar with her.

There they pound a bunch of beers and start making out. She then asks if she can go back to his place. They do and hit the bedroom and she takes off her clothes. At which point he gets turned off because:

1. She announces that she's a 38 year old virgin and is going to stay that way, but implies she'd basically be into "anything but."

2. She has tons of pubes and for some reason that grosses him out. (I think she wanted him to go down on her and that freaked him out, but he doesn't come out and say it.)

He then decides to pass out rather than fool around with her and not get properly laid. Afterward he blows her off when she wants to go out again.

Once the story is published everyone goes apeshit and starts accusing Gawker of being a sexist pile of shit for detailing a female candidate's sort of sex life. (Third base life?)

Even the National Organization For Women issues a statement calling Gawker a piece of shit.

But, are they really over the line? If a woman spends 20 years as an anti-sex pundit who says she wants to remain a virgin until marriage and doesn't masturbate and thinks that everyone should remain pure until marriage, doesn't finding out what a date with her is like become a valid issue?

Beyond that, if anything, it proves that while O'Donnell might be crazy, she's not full of shit. She's a fucking 41 year old virgin! (I'm assuming. I mean if she made it to age 38, I suspect she's been able to hold out for the past three years.)

If nothing else, the fact that she was able to pick up a guy, get drunk with him and get naked in his bed and fool around with him and still say "hey, I don't go all the way" shows that she practices what she preaches.

Heck, her campaign manager should be sending this story out to all her Christian followers.

Granted discussing what her pubes look like is a little weird, but it's details like that that give the story credibility.

And, I don't buy the argument that "Nobody would do this to a male candidate." Fuck that shit. If a male candidate claimed to be a 41 year old virgin and some girl wanted to talk about getting naked with him, people would print it. If a male politician was against the gays and a dude came forward and claimed to have fooled around with him people would print it.

Just think about all the television time Gennifer Flowers got back in the day!

The bottom line is that if your career is to essentially go on television and talk about sex your sex life it becomes part of the political story once you hit the campaign trail.

And, I don't think the story makes her look bad - except that it implies that she messes around with douchebags who think adult women shouldn't have pubes. But, fuck it, what woman hasn't accidentally picked up a shallow asshole from time to time?