October 27th, 2010

The All Dead Band

In an old Stephen King book he talks about the idea of the "All Dead Band" - the idea being that you could have a supergroup made up entirely of dead rock stars.

If you could create your own all dead band, who would be in it? For most roles you can only pick one person, but for the lead vocals you can pick one man and one woman.

Here's my list:

Lead Vocals: Janis Joplin and Marvin Gaye

2. Guitar - Brian Jones

3. Bass - Cliff Burton

4. Rhythm Guitar - Rick Danko

5. Drums - Keith Moon

Now, take your shot at it!

Banned Again

Last month this company tried to use an ad with a pregnant nun to sell their ice cream in the UK.

It was quickly banned.

Last week they came back with this ad.

It's been banned too!



Boardwalk Empire

1. Damn, a lot of that episode was like watching old school late night Cinemax - in a good way.

2. I guess Jimmy is going to be around for a while.

3. The big deal relationship that I won't spoil for anyone a few episodes behind is already looking a little bumpy. It will be interesting to see where it goes.

4. The last scene was awesome. Dude is a freak.

5. That knife was way cool.

6. I think I'm finally sold on this show.

7. The main problem remains that you can't kill Al, Lucky or Knuckles so it's going to be hard to maintain dramatic tension.