October 26th, 2010


Be famous female and lesbian/bisexual and get caught drunk driving and you'll be on probation for years, every time you get high people will say your career is over, you'll have to take piss tests and wear unreliable alcohol monitoring bracelets forever and essentially be branded an unreliable crazy person every time you want to go clubbing. Shit, we'll even act like you are freak if you want to drink a coca cola.

Be male and heterosexual and you can do just as much (if not more) booze and coke as the lesbian/bisexual girl, beat up your wife, cheat on your wife, hire tons of prostitutes and be the highest paid actor on television.

And, when the cops find you drunk and naked with a hooker hiding in a closet because she's scared you are going to beat her up in the hotel room you've trashed the cops won't arrest you, they'll just take you to a hospital to sober up.

Yeah, we don't live in a fucking homophobic patriarchy, do we?