October 21st, 2010


The local English language bookshop finally got Under The Dome in. I always go into new Stephen King novels with a bit of trepidation. Sometimes they are amazing. Sometimes they suck donkey balls. There's no pattern or way to know until you get into it.

One of my worries about this one is that it's one of his dystopia books and ever since The Stand he's had problems writing dystopia books. Mostly because he's missing what made The Stand so awesome - it let us know the characters really well before the dystopia took effect, so we cared more about them and were more able to see exactly how the dystopia effected them for good or for bad.

Since then he's had the dystopia be the first event and then let us know about the characters later, which hasn't worked so well. (Think about Cell.) This one also starts out with the dystopia as the start off point, which is a bad sign.

On the other hand, King's long books are almost always awesome (The Stand, It, Insomnia, The Dark Tower Series) and this is certainly one of the long ones, so that's a good sign. Plus, he tends to go in waves and Duma Key was great, so I'm hoping momentum will pull through on this one too.


My parents keep sending me emails worrying that Rome Girl and I are going to get blown up by terrorists or killed in some random street riot.

I've been trying to explain that if the terrorists hit they will almost certainly strike at Gare Du Lyon, Garre Du Nord or CDG. They are impossible to secure, have large numbers of people in them and would do the most economic damage to France. The French economy depends largely on two things, people being able to get in and out of Paris by train for work and for tourists to get in and out of France through CDG.

Those are the targets to hit, not a bum fuck city in the south nobody has ever heard of.

As to the protesters - the only violent ones are the students and the cops are pretty well trained at tear gassing and kicking the shit out of students before they can cause real trouble.

That said, I wonder what the next week or so are going to be like in Montpellier. Paul Valerie, the university here were the vast majority of expat students go, is shut down until at least Monday and probably longer than that.

Are the foreign students going to use the time to visit other French cities or are they going to be out partying here every night? Time will tell.


Rome Girl's current freelance gig requires her to wake up around 8 or 9 every morning and leaves her grumpy into the afternoon.

I'm learning to be very, very quiet until then in my side of the apartment.


Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock gets ridiculously hard toward the end. I can't decide if I want to just drop the difficulty setting down to Medium, where I know I can play anything, or keep plugging away at not particularly interesting metal songs on Hard, which I will be able to beat eventually but will require a ton of time and effort.

Note To Self

The next time a client wants me to write ads for GILF porn, remind me not to click on the website he or she sends me for reference.

Those images are burned into my brain and made my cock want to retract into my body.