October 20th, 2010


Finally up to the first couple episodes of Season 5 of Buffy.

Rome Girl is really, really annoyed at the way they drop Dawn in with no immediate explanation.

I'm pointing out they did the same thing with the commandos at the start of Season Four.

The thing is, though, I've seen the show before and she hasn't.

So, I know there is a payoff for the whole Dawn thing. But, I can't remember if I felt that way when I first saw this season years and years ago, or if it's just my knowing it eventually works that makes me not bothered by it.

She thinks it's clunky and distracting.

"There must have been some serious and seriously patient Buffy fans for Joss to get away with this shit," was her initial comment.

We'll see what she thinks 10 episodes from now.

My Smutty President

Today Gawker has a contest for the most ridiculous porn story you can write involving President Obama.

Here is my entry:

President Obama had been intrigued when Bristol Palin applied for a White House internship, but in the spirit of bipartisanship decided to give her a chance.

Today, as she was bent over his desk in the newly refurbished Oval Office, he was glad he did.

"Drill, baby drill," she moaned , "Make me your cockaholic!"

"I'm fucking you like your mom wants to fuck the country," Obama replied. "I'm going to give you my baby and then have the CIA destroy its birth certificate."

As he clutched her heaving young breasts and began to thrust harder he felt the succulent tongue of the new Senator from Delaware gently begin to rim his asshole. She had come to request an amendment for new roadway funding for her state. Now, she was exploring his Hersey Highway.

Senator O'Donnell was so turned on by taste of his tight black ass that she yearned to touch herself, but knew that would be wrong.

The President suddenly grunted as he erupted into Miss Palin, who then screamed “Mission accomplished.”

“I'm not done yet,” Obama replied. He had cum, but he wasn't spent. Turning to the new senator he ordered her onto her hands and knees and said “Now, we are going to do it Kenya style!”

As Sen. O'Donnell obeyed he lined his cock up against her asshole.

“Thank god I'm still technically a virgin,” the Senator thought as he stretched out her well used back door.

Miss Palin, still in the afterglow of her first orgasm, began to rub her clit as she watched the depravity in front of her, while two of her fingers pushed the president's sperm towards her fertile womb.

Obama suddenly pulled out of the senator's ass and spit on her back while cumming into his own hand. Thinking he was done with her, O'Donnell turned around to look at him lovingly.

As she did so, the president threw his jizz right at her face and screamed “Spiderman!”

Moments later, after both women had left the Oval Office, Obama picked up the phone and dialed a familiar number.

“Bill, do I have a story for you,” he said.