October 19th, 2010

Mad Men Season Finale

When the first episode of this season aired I posted here that I was worried the show was in danger of jumping the shark.

After that season finale I challenge anyone to say I was wrong.

This season had so much fucking potential with them starting the agency, and they just completely blew it on existential bullshit.

I mean, seriously, all those fucking Don Is A Drunken Shipwreck episodes led to nothing. The starting of the firm led to nothing. The firm might go under led to nothing. Joan's husband being in Vietnam led to nothing. Roger's downfall led to nothing.

There were so many interesting plot points that could have been developed and they just weren't.

Remember when this show was fun? Remember The Lawnmower Episode? Remember them kicking in the door to steal the files. Remember when it would surprise you?

Remember when Joan had some screen time and was a well rounded character? Remember when Don was an interesting human being?

Fuck this shit.