October 16th, 2010



So, first Samantha Ronson gets Lohan.

Now she's dating Christina Aguilera!


As far as getting the pretty ladies go, SamRo is doing better than Clooney!

If she gets Hayden Panettiere next us dudes, as a gender, should just give up and admit the lesbians have won.



So, The Strike got bigger today with the main fuel lines to Paris cut as well as the fuel lines to Charles de Gaulle Airport (depending on what reports you believe they can keep flying planes until either Sunday night or Tuesday night.)

And, some of the striking students have been shot with rubber bullets. Meanwhile the biggest rallies are set for Tuesday when the country will be essentially shut down. (As it is only half of the TGVs are running and Orly is on strike and kids have pretty much given up on going to school.)

What annoys me so much about all this is that this strike is about bullshit. They want to raise the retirement age from 60 to 62. Now, if it was mostly middle aged people who were pissed off I could see it a little bit.

But, seriously, 15 year olds are striking over this shit? Hey kids, figure it out, no matter what the law is today the law is going to be different 45 years from now. The retirement age may be higher or it may be lower. You don't know because the world is going to be very different 45 years from now.

Fuck, at that point you may be fighting SkyNet.

And here's the thing - if you strike this hard over something so fucking trivial, what the fuck are you going to do when Sarko puts through the really hard austerity measures later this year/early next year.

One of the main lessons of both The Prince and The Art Of War is to pick your battles.

You know what will effect you a lot more in the short term than retirement age - when Sarko suddenly gets rid of lifetime jobs and allows companies to fire you if you fuck up at work.

Or, you know, when taxes go up even more and suddenly you have to actually start paying real money to go to school. Oh, and the CAF that pays your rent - you really think that's going to exist next year if Sarko gets his way?

That's when you strike - when there are real stakes involved. By doing this now you are essentially playing a game of Chicken Little.

Plus, you are giving the cops lots of chances to practice shooting rubber bullets, so they'll be really, really good at it this winter.


So, Duff McKagen turned up at the London Guns N Roses gig - and the fans went insane.

Some things of note:

1. Man the current line up is really deferential to Duff when he's around them.

2. He plays six string instead of bass on Knocking On Heaven's Door. Also, they play that song in a slightly different key than they used to.

3. Axl seems to get out of breath more easily than he used to.

Anyway this link has some pretty decent fan videos of the songs.

Have fun.