October 14th, 2010


The fucking high school students have gone on strike. They destroyed a tram and were kicking cop cars and challenging the cops to beat them up as I left the Place de la Comedie.

If I didn't think the cops were about to use tear gas on them I would have stuck around to watch the flics beat the living shit out of them.

Mostly because their tram antics stranded me in the middle of fucking suburbia on my way back from my shrink this morning and I really don't give a shit about 15 year olds protesting a theoretical retirement age.

Also, I think most teenagers deserve a good beating once in a while. It builds character.

Guitar Hero: Wariors Of Rock

The premise seems to be that they think they can beat me by throwing out bizzaroland chord progressions.

So far, they are wrong.

But, still, whomever came up with the chord combinations for this thing was smoking crack.