October 13th, 2010


The International Herald Tribune had an interesting article yesterday about the French health care system.

Two interesting things covered by it:

1. A post pregnancy physical trainer to help the woman get "washboard abs" after pregnancy.

2. Another post pregnancy physical trainer to tighten and strengthen her vaginal muscles. This includes a take home video game where the controller is inserted into her vagina and the more times she can hit the buttons my squeezing the more points she gets. Scores are posted at the physical therapy center and women compete to get the highest score and win prizes.

When asked about it the administrators of the state health care plan said the point of this was to give the woman a body her husband or boyfriend would want to fuck as soon as possible after having a baby and to make sex as good as possible for him so he'll want to fuck her a lot.

They said they do this because they feel it will lead to more French babies.


Coke Is It

Lohan was busted last night for trying to sneak out of the Betty Ford Clinic to buy Coca Cola from a nearby vending machine.


Apparently caffeine isn't allowed at Betty Ford but is allowed at a hospital connected to it. She got busted when a friend who was making the coke run with her got her clothes snagged on a fence.

Write your own coke joke.