October 10th, 2010


So, Google has been testing out driverless cars on Highway 1

The deal is you get in, type in where you want to go on your GPS and the damn things take you there without you having to do jack shit. It uses lasers, motion sensors and Google Maps to get you where you want to go.

Now this is a great innovation for:

1. Drunks

2. The blind

3. The elderly

4. Kidnappers. Hack your victim's car and have it drive them to you abandoned warehouse.

5. Lindsay Lohan. This is for a myriad of reasons including the options it presents for Herbie 4.

6. Teenagers. Road head will be safer than ever before.

But, it could also suck for:

1. Criminals. You fucking know the cops will hack this shit and have the damn things drive you back to police headquarters after you've robbed the bank.

2. Car thieves. No point stealing something if it's going to just drive itself home as soon as you leave it alone.

3. Sarah Connor

4. Anyone trying to drive one when Windows decides it needs to update.

Nerd Photo Trivia

In which I show you a relatively recently photo of someone who was in a Nerd Heaven movie or TV show and you try to guess what character they played without using wikipedia.











Straight For Pay

So, a gay porn company got the idea that they could make some money having one of their actors do a straight scene with two girls.

They also decided to make an eight minute documentary about the process.

The result is NSFW and hilarious.

Highlights include:

1. The director admitting that every threesome he'd ever shot before involved three dicks, so he had to go online and research exactly what the fuck could happen in one that involved two vaginas instead.

2. Upon seeing, on set, a vagina for the first time: "I thought they were bigger than that!"

3. Talking about uncut cocks: "They are better for anal sex. It's just like a sock moving in and out."

4. The tech people having to keep iPads with gay porn on them around at all times for him to keep it up.

5. One of the girls screaming "Oh my god! You did it!" after he's finally able to penetrate his first girl.