October 5th, 2010

Girls Girls Girls

Vince Neil talking about his upcoming autobiography.

The highlights:

1. He's banged 5,000 groupies.

2. He thinks Mel Gibson is a "great guy."

3. He's less kind about Nikki, Tommy and Mick: "Yeah, for a while there was always an ulterior motive for everything that was done and I still think that way. When decisions are made about something I always try to figure out the angle. I don't completely trust them but I don't think they completely trust me either. It's a two-way street. That's the way things have evolved."

4. And managers: "They are all scum."

5. And Sharon Ozbourne: "I just thought she was really nasty."

Google Is Full Of Shit

Ok, after three weeks of being given shit for blacklisting "lesbian" on Google Instant and not "gay", "heterosexual", "transsexual" or "trisexual" Google finally issued their response.

It boils down to this: A computer program not a human being made the choice, so it's not our fault.


"The algorithms we use to remove a prediction from autocomplete consider a variety of factors. Among other things, we exclude predictions for queries when the query itself appears to be pornographic, violent or hateful... Importantly, we also consider the search results themselves for given queries. So, if the results for a particular query seem pornographic, our algorithms may remove that query from autocomplete even if the query itself wouldn't otherwise violate our policies."

Ok, now that could be a reasonable excuse on the first day of running Google Instant.

But, after weeks and weeks of consumer complaints from advocacy groups are you really telling me that there is no one at Google with the technical skills to remove "lesbian" from the blacklist?

To say nothing of the fact that none of the results on the first page of Google for "lesbian" are "pornographic, violent or hateful."

I run Google with Safe Search turned off and these are the results:

The Lesbian Wikipedia entry.

Lesbian.com - A resource for lesbian and bisexual women.

OneMoreLesbian - A list of mainstream movies, books and television shows with lesbian characters in them.

Lesbian.org - Another information resource for lesbian women.

LesbianLife - Self explanatory

The Lesbian Community Cancer Project - Self explanatory

Lesbian on MySpace - Some sort of band

The Gay and Lesbian Association Of Retired Persons - Self explanatory

The Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies in Religion and Ministry - Self explanatory

That's it!!!

That's the entire first page they are blanking out. If someone can tell me what is pornographic or hateful or violent in any of those links I'd sure like to hear it!

Fuck you Google.

Fuck you all to hell.

God, No!

I really hope I'm wrong on who I think this blind item is referencing.

"To repair this fallen starlet’s image, her PR are toying around with the idea that a baby might correct her behavior and her public persona. As in turning this drug wreck into a mother. It’s worked for other stars before, but we think it is despicable!"

Say it ain't so.

Say it ain't motherfucking so.