October 2nd, 2010

Dear J.K. Rowling


Hope you are doing OK. You did an awesome series of books.

But, I just noticed that you told Oprah that you are thinking about writing more Harry Potter books.

Before you do so I suggest you Google "George Lucas Phantom Menace" and then think things over.



Internet Went Boom!

Ok, so yesterday Jezebel posted an article that got the most page views in the site's history.

Here's what happened. A girl who recently graduated from Duke made a long involved Powerpoint presentation detailing every dude she fucked in college. It contains photos and many, many identifying details of the dudes involved.

In the course of it she talks in detail about their dick size and is clearly a size queen. She's also somewhat racist. For example when she fucks a black dude she comments that if she got pregnant it would ok because she's always wanted there to be a "running back in the family."

She also makes fun of the dick size of Asians and Canadians (A stereotype I'd never heard of before.)

The result? Jezebel commentators went insane yelling at the site for "body snarking" and "shaming" the men involved and say that if a dude had made a similar fuck list about babes he'd done in college and rated them by cup size Jezebel would have burned the dude at the stake.

They also state that Jezebel could be in deep murky legal waters for publishing the photos of and identifying details about the dudes.

Jezebel responds they just thought the Powerpoint was funny.

The commentators then go so nuclear that Jezebel has to create an entirely new link just for complaints about the article.

Clearly there is a world of tool going on here. A complete fuck fest of tool. An entire tool case.

But, I'm not sure where the tool is. Part of me thinks the girl is an idiot, but she clearly didn't expect hundreds of thousands of people to see her fuck list.

Part of me wants to blame Jezebel, but then I think it is sorta funny. On the other hand Jezebel forbids people to snark on women's bodies, so posting something that makes fun of people's dick size sorta violates their own rules.

Part of me thinks the commentators are just taking something too seriously. But, then again, they are right that it's got to be deeply humiliating for the dudes who have small dicks and that's sorta shitty.

So, what do you think?

Poll #1626651 Who Is The Tool

Who Is The Tool?

The Girl Who Made The Powerpoint
Jezebel For Posting It
The Outraged Commentators
There Is No Tool Involved Here