October 1st, 2010


Me: I don't know why I have Rhiannon stuck in my head today.

Rome Girl: I don't know. Does your life have no answer?

Me: Not sure. But, I'd stay if she promised me heaven.

Rome Girl: Do you think you'd win?

The Big Bang

At my shrink today I realized why smoking restrictions/the way Lohan and other addicts and such are treated by the cops/the general attitude towards addictive behaviors pisses me off so much.

It's because it avoids the simple truth of the matter. Self destructive behaviors are not stopped by making them more destructive or by informing the person that the acts are self destructive.

If anything, it makes the self destructive actions even more appealing. Because, if someone is self destructive, which you have to be to get into that place, penalties or consequence don't matter to you.

If they did, you wouldn't be self destructive in the first place. That's why cigarette warning labels don't work. That's why threatening addicts with jail time doesn't work.

These people are like moths drawn to a flame. And what happens with a moth do when you make the flame brighter and more dangerous? It draws them even closer to it.

Fuck, you know what, I bet the line of coke Lohan did when she got out of rehab and knew that it might send her back to jail was the best line of coke she'd ever done, because it was suddenly much more dangerous and appealed more strongly than ever to the part of her that wants to break.

This is why I've never bought that "you have to hit rock bottom" bullshit. Lots of people quit before they hit rock bottom and lots of people die before they get to rock bottom.

You know what really makes people quit? When they get bored of being self destructive. When it's no longer fun and when they are tired of the flame.

Until then, warning them, locking them up, trying to restrict their behaviors or whatever doesn't do anything except make it all much, much more appealing.

Unfortunately, however, our laws tend to be written by people who aren't self destructive, so they miss this point. That's why they go up to people on the street and say "you know that will kill you" or wonder why people like LiLo do such stupid shit.

Because, unless you have that death wish in you, you can't understand it. So, you create things that would stop you for doing these self destructive behaviors.

Non smokers think "well, I don't smoke because I know it's bad for me." Therefore they think making it obvious that it's dangerous will get people to quit.

Smokers, if they are being honest with themselves, will say, "you know, that danger, that's sorta the point."

And, you can apply that to the self destructive behavior of your choice, from random unprotected sex, to cocaine or to women who stay with their abusers.

It doesn't make sense, but it's true.

Signs I'm Old

During the first round of questions at the pub quiz last night, snippets of songs were played and you had to write down the original artist.

My team was the only one to put down the correct artist for "Working Class Hero."

Every other team put down "Green Day."


After bringing some DVDS that Rome Girl and I never watch to the used DVD store I was able to buy all seven seasons of Buffy for a total of 62 euros!