September 21st, 2010


Ok, so Paris Hilton gets busted with coke and gets probation. LiLo fails a drug test and now there's a bench warrant for her arrest.

Where is all this going?

Poll #1621385 What Will Lohan Be Doing A Year From Now

What Will LiLo Be Doing A Year From Now

In A Coffin Six Feet Under
Clean And Working In Films
Clean And Out Of The Businesss
Living In A Country That Won't Give Her A Hard Time About Drugs
In Jail
Weirdo Reality TV Show
Having A Baby With A Lesbian Lover

Public Service Annoucement

Really bad virus on Twitter today.

You don't even have to click on the link to have your computer infected. Just hovering over it for a second is enough.

Security people are advising users to use TweetDeck or other third party sites and not go to or post from


Best line ever: "The Bible is a far less awesome version of The Lord Of The Rings."

I also love Shane Botwin's answering machine message: "You must be old if you are not sending a text, so leave a message Mom."