September 20th, 2010

Joe Camel

Over at the always wonderful starkodama's journal the question was asked: "Do dudes think camel toe is sexy?"

I replied: "Hell to the yes! Why do you think we have entire websites devoted to camel toes?"

But then, I thought, "Maybe I'm a weirdo. After all there are also websites devoted to erotic sneezing."

Therefore, it's time for a poll.

Obviously base your answer on the assumption that you find the girl with the camel toe hot in general. If the woman is not your type to begin with the question becomes moot.

Poll #1620767 Camel Toe - Hot Or Not?

Is Camel Toe Hot Or Not?

I'm Asexual. Nothing Is Hot.

Ground Zero

Last week there were a couple opinion pieces in the International Herald Tribune about how it's going to cost $3 billion to build One World Trade Center at Ground Zero.

The pieces both said the same thing - that at that cost the Port Authority will have to charge companies roughly $130 a square foot to break even - much more than the usual $50 a square foot downtown and $80 a square foot in midtown.

Therefore, they say, the building will stand mostly empty because businesses won't want to pay the extra money.

Now, I think it will stand empty but not for any financial reason.

I think it will stay empty because what company wants to put its office in the middle of what will become the biggest terrorist target on earth?

What company would insure that business?

Where would that business find employees willing to work there? Seriously, if the potential worker himself wasn't freaked out he or she would have parents or a spouse to say "no fucking way."

Would that business' clients really want to ride in an elevator up to their office to do business with them?

Who the fuck really wants to spend eight hours or more a day in a building that is essentially sitting on a mass grave?

The mind boggles.