September 16th, 2010

Who Am I To Disagree

I had a dream last night that the Tea Party started a rumor that Obama's father wasn't really his father and the reason he won't show his birth certificate was that some other dude's last name was on it. Also, that they started a rumor that when he was in college he and his buddies used to steal human brains from the college medical school and cook them and eat them.

Dream or prophecy?


Man, the Greeks are fucked.

As part of their austerity plans they recently reduced the full time minimum wage to 590 euros ($760) a month. That salary will still be subject to the roughly 50 percent federal income tax.

How the fuck are people supposed to live on that?

Seriously that makes the U.S. Federal minimum wage and tax system seem really fucking generous.

It's also, much, much lower than any other EU country.

Greek officials say they are doing this to encourage companies to hire more people in Greece.


What that really means is that any young Greek person with half a brain will fucking leave Greece to work in any other EU country they can. This is a great way to expel all of the best and brightest of an entire generation.

Yeah, that won't have serious long term repercussions.