September 15th, 2010

Bomb's Away

The New York Post wants you to know that you are better off underground than on the street should New York City be nuked.

The snark possibilities are endless:

1. Thanks NYP for telling SkyNet where we will be!

2. What, so we can be eaten by those weird homeless people who already live underground?

3. Because you actually have time to decide what to do before you are vaporized?

4. Great, now the terrorists will bomb the city and the tunnels!

5. Does Ruport Murdoch know something we don't?

6. Get nuked. Hide underground. Profit!

7. We should fill our basements with school desks so we can hide under them too!

8. As soon as there is a mosque near Ground Zero the terrorists will never even think of nuking us!

9. I've always wanted to be a part of the underground scene.

10. Will I be able to upload films of the devastation to YouTube from my company's basement?