September 14th, 2010

Writer's Block: Drink up me hearties!

What would your pirate name be, and why would you be the most feared buccaneer on the seven seas?

I hate the fucking anti-Somalia bias of Live Journal!

These people were starving! Now some of them are working with the government against the radical Islamic militias that want to take over the government!

This is a failure of the West and I hold Sara Palin and Betty White personally responsible!

If Palin and White were not our secret overlords there would be no need for pirates and Africa would rise again and lead us to our true home on Alpha Centuri!

Long live those of us to dare to speak the truth against the Palin/White albino negro cabal and their tinfoil based evil empire!


Ok, finally a show that has the potential to become the new Alias. I love that the "Division" head has complete disdain for the head of the CIA.

My only problem with the pilot is the casting of Nikita herself - she's too fucking skinny. No human with that body would have the physical strength to do the fight moves she does.

Say what you will about Alias, but Sydney Bristow wasn't some super skinny thing. She looked like a woman who could kick some ass.

On the other hand the girl in training does look like she has the potential to be a total bad ass, so I still see potential here.


Sasha Grey is going to be in next month's Playboy

Sasha, as you may know, is famous for always having some type of bush and never going completely bare down there.

Meanwhile, Playboy has a policy of not showing pubes.

Wonder how that's going to play out.