September 13th, 2010

Drunk Bowling Plus Nerd Girlfriend

So, for the first time ever Rome Girl came with us to Drunk Bowling.

During Drunk Bowling we each drink two beers per game and play between eight and 10 games over the course of about six or seven hours.

Rome Girl noticed a phenomenon that my friends have been making fun of me of for months: the drunker I get the better I get at bowling up to a certain point and then I start sucking again.

Seriously, sober I bowl between 40 and 50 on average. Once I have six or seven beers in me I routinely get three strikes in a row and can bowl as high as 182 (my personal record.)

Because she is a nerd who likes working with spreadsheets and creating graphs she got the bowling alley to print out all our results.

Now she's going to create a series of graphs in order to determine the optimal amount of beer in my system in order for me to get the highest score possible.

She's also going to track exactly how much alcohol effected her score in a negative direction (she didn't drink beer but knocked back a bottle and a half of wine.)

Rome Girl also had the quote of the day when we were leaving the bowling alley: "I can't believe you've lived here for 10 years and still have a liver."