September 8th, 2010

The Stupid

I went down to my local Tabac to buy a newspaper today was told that because of yesterday's general strike no newspapers will be sold today. It seems that the way Le Monde, The International Herald Tribune, etc... decided to strike was by not putting out a print edition today.

I was told, however, that they did all put out online editions.

Really???? Really????

Here you have an industry that is being killed because people are getting your product online for free instead of paying for the physical product. So, your reaction to not getting a good raise this year is to fucking push the last remaining people who want to pay for your product to get it for free on the Internet????

What the fuck were the people at the meeting that decided that thinking?

Of course, that's just one of the many, many stupids from yesterday's "Greve General."

My favorite were the postal workers. Now, you have to know that La Poste sucks ass.

Imagine the New Jersey Department of Motor Vehicles staffed by surly opium heads.

It seems that for years they have been allowed to retire at age 55 because their profession is considered extremely hazardous.

This is a rule that was put in place when the mail was delivered by horseback and you had to worry about bandits on the open trail. But, guess what?? Those conditions no longer fucking exist!

Most fucking postal workers sit behind desks at the post office telling you how many stamps you need for a package. Sure, they are at extreme danger of getting paper cuts, but that's about it!

And the thing is under the new rules they would still get a great fucking deal. Everyone else is going to get their retirement age pushed back to 65. The postal workers because of the extreme dangers of their job will now be able to retire at age 60.

Fuck all these people. Fuck them in their eye sockets and use their eyeballs as lube!


What's more scary about this story?

1. That the head of RyanAir wants to get rid of co-pilots.


2. That he thinks flight attendants can be trained to act as co-pilots.