September 4th, 2010

The Rome Girl Age

Rome Girl says she has the response to why The Static Age seems so familiar to me.

She says the verse is Tom Petty, the chorus is Elvis Costello, that one break (in the studio version) is the Go-Gos and in the live version is Springsteen.

Calling All Hookers!

Craigslist as removed their Adult Services section at the request of the law.

Because, you know, it would never occur to escorts or rent boys to simply post ads in Casual Encounters.

That said, why would you want to! You've already been disrespected by Craigslst! Fuck it!

Feel free to email me any posts you want.

For a small $2 fee, payable through PayPal, I'll post the ad as soon as I get it!

And, since I'm in France, I will never, ever give a shit if the Florida Attorney General sends me a nasty letter!